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sustained since man became man, and that we
have wars and preparatory interludes between
wars because that is a much simpler and easier
|sequence for our wilful, muddle-headed, suspi-
Ģious and aggressive species. These people still
think we can get this new and wonderful state
of affairs just by clamouring for it.
And having failed to get peace by saying
" Peace " over and over again, they are now with
an immense sense of discovery saying " Federa-
tion '9. What must happen to men in conspicuous
public positions I do not know, but even an
irresponsible literary man like myself finds him-
self inundated with innumerable lengthy private
letters, hysterical post-cards, pamphlets from
budding organisations, " declarations " to sign,
demands for subscriptions, all in the name of the
new panacea, all as vain and unproductive as
the bleating of lost sheep. And I cannot open a
newspaper without finding some eminent con-
temporary writing a letter to it, saying gently,
firmly and bravely, the same word, sometimes
with bits of Union Now tacked on to it, and
sometimes with minor improvements, but often
with nothing more than the bare idea.
All sorts of idealistic movements for world
peace which have been talking quietly to them-
selves for years and years have been stirred up to